What Sets Us Apart

Quality Dental Care for Your Family’s Smiles

When you visit Millville Family Dentistry, you will never feel like a number on a chart or — even worse — an untapped revenue source. Ever.

Instead, you will be greeted as a friend, made welcome, and cared for as family!

For Dr. Berta Howard, Dr. Kelsey Sotkiewicz, and our team, dentistry is about serving our community. We care for people and their teeth, and treat each with the warmth and compassion. We want you and your loved ones to feel at ease in our hands, knowing you are respected for the wonderful individuals you are!

Our Practice Philosophy

We are dedicated to promoting prevention, educating, and supporting each person as they develop and maintain optimal dental health.

Communication: Open, direct, and honest communication is at the core of our practice and how we practice. It is crucial for us to understand your dental expectations, areas of concern, and wishes. Likewise, it is important you are fully informed of the diagnosis, as well as treatment options, expected outcome, and financial aspects of care.

Please know we are attentive, non-judgmental listeners and genuinely want to understand your needs. The best dentistry requires all of us to work together, and we want you to be an informed and excited advocate for your smile and your health!

Patient Education and Prevention: Our office focuses on teaching you about oral health and providing preventive dentistry. You are the person best situated to maintain your dental health, through good home oral hygiene, nutrition, and establishing healthy practices. We will offer practical guidance and support, tailored to your concerns, as you develop better dental health.

It’s easier to stop problems from developing than to correct issues once they’ve started, so prevention is the other part of our focus. That involves everything from regular checkups and cleanings to sealants, fluoride, and, for some people, mouthguards and nightguards.

High-Quality, Personalized Dentistry: We have served Butler County families since 1979. We are especially honored to care for the dental needs of many generations of families who have been with us since we opened. Over the years, we’ve grown through referrals from our current patient families and we couldn’t be more honored.

Core to those referrals is how we care for people. Each person is provided the highest-quality, modern dental care, tailored to their unique concerns and wishes. In short, we care for every person as family, and always recommend care that is in the patient’s best interests!

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

We invite you to schedule an appointment at our Hamilton, OH family dental office. No fee, no pressure, no sales pitch — we promise! This is a time for us to meet and get to know each other, learn what you are seeking, and talk about the dental services we offer. Please contact us today!

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